Whether you are a competitive cyclist, a recreational rider, a weekend warrior, or simply wanting to lose weight and stay fit- We can up your game!
Full Throttle Cycling Club has everything to offer you. From supervised and controlled groups rides, indoor training “Spin” sessions, personal coaching and programs, race support, skill training and learn to race, team charity rides, social events and great camaraderie!
Our club is headquartered in Brampton Ontario, but we welcome members from any region. Whether you are a serious competitive cyclist, recreational rider, or simply in it for fitness and health, with our coaching and camaraderie, we will inspire and encourage you to be the best that you can be.
What We Offer Our Members
> Spin Classes
> Club Rides
> Experience coaching and training programs
> Race Team
> Charity Rides
> Race support
> Bike fit
> Motor pacing
> Annual Christmas Social gatherings
Membership Fee
> New Members: $60 and includes a club jersey!
> Yearly membership renewals Dues: $40
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About Coach Wayne
National Certificate Coaching Program (NCCP) #6054001
Wayne Henry has been a cycling enthusiast since the age of 13. He began racing in Guyana SA, his place of birth. He went on to be a national team member and represented Guyana at several events in the West Indies, before moving to Canada in 1976. He went on to be an accomplished competitor with over 35 years of racing in North America and West Indies. Claimed to be his first love, cycling was not just a sport, but a way of life. Whether it be racing, fun and fitness or coaching others to be the best that they can be. It is simply his passion.
He is the founder, President and coach of “Full Throttle Cycling Club”. He is recongized for helping others improve on their cycling skills and performance in Canada, USA and Guyana. He has a genuine concern about health and participates in the “Ride for Cancer” and ride for “Heart and Stroke”. Over the years he has raised and insurmountable amount of funds for research. Coach Wayne is not just about being a cycling coach, but also a mentor who takes the time to listen to your life challenges and try to offer solutions. When not riding his bike, he can be seen at races as an announcer / DJ or offering support and encouraging his riders.
Ride to Conquer Cancer
Usually in June of every year, Coach Wayne pushes himself beyond his limits, completing an epic 200+ km bike ride to conquer cancer, in aid of raising funds for the Campbell Family Cancer Research Institute at the Princess Margaret Hospital. No doubt, this research is a very intensive and costly endeavour. We are appealing for your support to assist him in raising funds for this cause.
He has retired from competition but continues to ride his bike for fitness, fun, and charity. Over the past 4 years he has raised over $25,000 for the Ride to Conquer Cancer. He appeals to you for continued support for this cause. You can make your contribution for 2017 online under the participant Wayne Henry ID # 611017-2.
To donate online, please follow the link: http://www.conquercancer.ca/goto/Wayne_Henry2016
Cycling News
Adult and Kids Learn to Ride Programs
Looking for a certified CanBike instructor to teach your how to ride? Contact Coach Wayne to book and reserve your learn to ride sessions. Private lessons are available for both adults and kids. Lessons are conduction during evenings and weekends.
What is Required
A bike that fits, a cycling helmet, running shoes, appropriate clothing, a desire to learn, and most importantly… A Positive Attitude!
MEC indoor spin sessions (Monday evening at 7:30 for one hour)

$10 drop in or you can buy a montly package online

Winter indoor classes at MEC sports store in burlington on monday evenings. We cater to all levels of cycling and focus on the individuals fitness levels. Our classes progress through a number of weeks during the off season. So if you are looking to maintain and or improve your level of fitness or performance, give us a call and join us for our Spin Cave sessions! You’re going to love our spin classes.
For the more serious or competitive cyclist that is looking to improve on strength, power, and speed, we suggest a personal assessment.
Book your appoinetment with Coach Wayne for your evaluation. The test will determine your Functional Threshold Power (FTP). You will learn about your heart rate and the importance of training in the different zones.
Based on the results of your assessment, a personal program can be designed to help you attain your full potential.
Isn’t It Time You Got The Most from Your Cycling?
If you want to keep winning, you’ve got to keep Spinning!
Milton Cycling Studio
Join Coach Wayne for some epic indoor training sessions at Milton Cycling Studio, 537 Main St East. Classes are at 7:00 PM on Wednesdays for 1 hour and an endurance session on Sundays for 2 hours at 9:AM. Buy a montly pass or simply pay per ride. Drop ins are welcome. First class is FREE. Bike and trainer is required, though there are some trainers available on a first come basics. Any level of fitness welcome, whether you are competitive racer, recreational rider, training for a specific charity ride or just wanting to stay fit. These classes are guaranteed to enhance your cycling fitness.
What to Bring
Road bike; Towel; 2 water bottles; snack; HR monitor; positive attitude
What to Expect
Certified coaching; Friendly and inspirational atmosphere; great music to dance on the pedals; lots of heavy breathing and sweat; climate controlled environment; PAIN
Maintain health and enhance your cycling fitness with structured sessions geared to improve your strength, speed, power, v02 max, recovery, threshold and climbing abilities. All these factors necessary to take your cycling to the next level while having fun.
Here’s what some are saying…
AlbertShillingford“I am a late starter at cycling and only been riding for about 5 years. At first was just casual for fun and fitness. I was introduced to Coach Wayne summer of 2014 and joined his Full Throttle Cycling Club. Did some rides but had a hard time keeping up. I have since committed myself to his structural indoor training sessions this winter. I have lost 15 lbs, climbing stronger, able to sustain my efforts longer and overall much improved. I couldn’t have done it without him. Can’t wait to test my legs with others in our group rides this summer.” Albert Shillingford
JohnKennard“Thank you very much for all your guidance and inspiration at your indoor classes over the winter. I went on my first real ride outdoors and noticed a huge improvement in my strength and climbing. We did a route up snake road and this is the first time I have done it in “17” without great effort! I was able to keep pace and not get dropped. Thanks Wayne, your caching and training has certainly paid off!” John Kennard
“Spin Cave with coach Wayne Henry is AWESOME. He pushes you to the next level of your cycling strengths with a lot of sweat and tears. He is so dedicated to his clients making sure all aspects of their training are met. He spends time making sure your bike is properly set up, evaluating your fitness and setting up your threshold zones. He pushes the CRAP out of you in the spinning sessions. I’m sure my cycling this season will be AWESOME. Thanks Coach Wayne.” Donna Marden
“Wayne your coaching has made a huge difference in my riding abilities…more endurance and power not to mention showing me what I can do by your persistence…thank you!” Gary McGahee
“After three years of training with Coach Wayne, I have improved significantly, allowing me to complete my first full Midweek Crit series, always finishing in the top 15 in the early races and also completing some late ones. Seeing myself now as a member of Full Throttle racing team has also brought my cycling to another dimension, brining a lot satisfaction and accomplishments. During these races I sustained longer effort and higher speeds that would not been possible without Wayne’s coaching and support. Now every new season brings a set of new goals and experiences.” Pedro Caraballo
“I have never been a disciplined cyclist, only relying on talent. After competing in a few races 2 years ago, I realized that talent can only get you halfway to the line. In 2015, I took up coach Wayne’s training program and committed myself to being focused. I had my best season last year, consistently in the top 3 at the Midweek Tuesday night series finishing 2nd overall. I have started my training earlier this year and can attest to being way stronger and faster. Thanks Coach Wayne for your patience and guidance with me.” Glendon Tomlinson
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